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A Guide to Pocket Squares

A Guide to Pocket Squares

purple pocket squareAt one point the use of pocket squares was very limited and seen as antiquated. However, in recent years the use of these items has increased possibly due to the media’s positive image of pocket squares. If you are looking to wear a pocket square there are some things you will need look into in order to find the best item for you. These things include the material the square is made of and the ways in which you should fold them.

Choosing the right material

The material used for pocket squares will vary from silk to cotton. The squares are generally handkerchiefs because these items are a uniform shape and come in a range of different materials. The edges of these items are neatly finished which allow for crisp corners and folds. Silk is the most common material choice because it is easy to work with when folding the squares. Of course, silk is a material which is not in everyone’s budget. A wonderful alternative is fine-spun cotton or linen. These alternatives are also easier to clean and maintain than silk.

Selecting the fold

Pocket squares can be folded into a number of different shapes. The type of fold you use is due to personal preference and the occasion you are attending. The first type of fold is the puff fold and this is the easiest fold possible. When you are using this fold it is best to have time to fluff and tweak this fold to ensure perfection.

Another type of fold is the point fold which is simple and elegant. This fold also adds height to the torso area which is ideal for anyone who wishes to appear taller. With this fold only the top half of the design will emerge from the pocket.

The square fold is another timeless classic which does not draw too much attention. Only a half inch of the square will be on display and if any more is displayed the pocket square will look more like a misplaced handkerchief. This fold cannot be achieved purely by folding the material into quarters as this will not hold the shape as it should.

The multipoint fold is possibly one of the most decorative folds out there and one of the most elegant. However, this fold is highly ornamental and naturally draws attention. If you do not want this kind of attention then it is recommended that a different fold be used.

Colours and patterns

The colour of your pocket square should be something that contrasts the colour of the suit and tie you are wearing. Light colours are best with a dark suit but should be in line with the event you are going to. It is best to have an accent colour which is based on a secondary tone from your outfit. The colour of the pocket square should not be the exact shade of the accent tone. You should also get a pattern which complements the pattern of the suit you wear.

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