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Currently Trending Media-Inspired Bow Ties

Currently Trending Media-Inspired Bow Ties

Bow ties have always been a fashion accessory adopted by the older gentleman. Generally the younger male would only ever be seen in this type of neck tie if at a wedding or other formal event specifically requiring the bow tie. However, the bow tie has made a comeback by following in the neck tie’s ‘crazy colours’ materials in not only bold stripes and paisley, but also media-inspired themes.

The first trending media-inspired bow tie speaks to every man’s inner superhero. The popular ‘Wayne’ bowtie is a shock of black around the neck with the Batman logo scattered here and there. It is like Commissioner Gordon summoning you to save the day with your own Batman bow tie, but what is Batman without Gotham City to protect? Here we have the Wayne/Gotham City tie which is a combination of the orange, red and black checked Gotham City bow tie knotting while still underneath the black Wayne bow tie.

Of course, if you are not a Batman fan there is always the Spiderman option. Currently trending in the superhero bow tie fashion world is the Parker bow tie, a purple item with an overall black web design. Similar to the Wayne tie, the Parker tie is also silk twill featuring a double thread diagonal weave emphasising the bold patterns.

Putting comic books aside, television shows are also inspiring bow tie designs. The popular NCIS character Gil Grissom seems to have stepped off the screen and onto silk ties with the Grissom bow tie. Anyone who has watched the show will remember Grissom’s fascination with insects, so it seems apt that this silk twill features black bugs of various sizes on a light grey backing.

The television series Breaking Bad has gained popularity as one of the most creative pieces at the moment. It is a programme about a chemistry teacher who decides to ‘cook meth’ and has an amusing way made science ‘cool’. If this is more your scene than another crime show, or if you are a science geek, you may find the Elements or Beaker bow tie a preferable option.

The trending Elements bow tie is silk twill displaying the colourful periodic table of elements. Everything from Sodium to Selenium is on this tie making it a unique and intriguing conversation starter. If the busy Elements bow tie is too cluttered, or reminds you too much of high school pop quizzes, then you may fancy the Beaker bow tie.

The Beaker bow tie is also silk twill following a science theme, however it is not as bold as the Elements tie. The Beaker features various types of beakers and vials all half-filled with different coloured liquids. It has a navy blue background that subdues the pinks, greens and oranges.

As can be seen, bow ties do not have to be dull or plain. They do not have to be bland or even monochromatic. Instead, bow ties can be bold and daring or flamboyant and intriguing. It is your choice as to whether you want to be a comic book superhero or scientist, just know the option is available.

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