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Folding a Pocket Square

Folding a Pocket Square

purple pocket squareWhen you have a pocket square it is best to know about the different ways in which it can be folded. There are many different folds which can be used but you need to know how to fold the square. Before you start folding it is best to iron the fabric to ensure crisp and clean lines.

One point fold

The one type of fold you might use is the single point fold. To begin you should lay the square out flat so it looks like a diamond. Fold the bottom corner up so the square is now a triangle. Fold the right corner of the triangle halfway along the triangle and repeat for the other side until a pocket is created. The pocket square is now folded and simply needs to be placed in the breast pocket of the suit you are wearing.

Two point fold

As with the one point fold the square should be laid out so it resembles a diamond. The bottom corner should then be folded up and place to the left of the top corner. This creates two peaks at the top of the square. Fold the bottom left side of the triangle toward the right and stop around halfway. Do the same for the left side until a pocket is created and tucked into the breast pocket of the suit.

Three point fold

Place the fabric on a flat surface so it looks like a diamond. Fold the bottom corner up until it is to the left of the top corner and at the same level. Fold the bottom left side of the triangle which has been formed upward until it rests on the other side of the two points. Take the bottom right side and fold this straight across without disturbing the three points. Tuck this folded square into your suits breast pocket.

Flat fold

The flat fold is possibly the simplest of folds and anyone can do it. Lay the square of fabric on a flat surface in a flat square. Fold the left hand side over until it is in line with the right side and a rectangle is formed. Fold the bottom half of the rectangle up until just short of the top. The fold is now complete and needs to be tucked into the jacket pocket.

Three stairs fold

To start lay the square on a flat surface with one corner facing up and the other facing down like a diamond. Fold the bottom corner up and form a triangle. Take hold of the front fold and pull it down part way leaving a strip of double triangle at the bottom. Take the same corner and fold it back up until nearly at the top. Repeat this until there are three folds at the bottom of the triangle and press with an iron. Now carefully take the right side of the triangle and fold it in line with the left side. You should be able to see the fold you made on both sides. You need to now rotate the right hand corner 90 degrees and fold the left side over the right. Now fold the right side to the left and place the square in your breast pocket.

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