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How to Choose a Bow Tie for your Wedding

How to Choose a Bow Tie for your Wedding

Getting married is a wonderful occasion, but planning the wedding, and getting everything organized for the big day can be a little stressful. There’s so much to think about that it can be overwhelming. One of the most important decisions for the groom is his outfit. The groom’s outfit must compliment what the bride is wearing, and it must also suit the tone of the wedding. One item that can make a groom’s outfit look even better is a bow tie. Bow ties are great for weddings, as they can make an outfit look much more stylish and elegant. At the moment, however, there are so many different bow ties available, that it is hard to know which one to choose for your wedding.

Self Tied or Pre-Tied:

The first factor to consider when selecting a bow tie is the type of bow tie that you want to wear. You can purchase bow ties that are self-tied or pre-tied. Self-tied bow ties, as the name suggests, have to be tied by the wearer. These are ideal if you like your bow tie to look a certain way, as you have more control over the way that it is tied. However, self-tied bow ties are more difficult to put on than pre-tied ones, which isn’t ideal on your wedding day, especially if you have never tied one before. Pre-tied bow ties are simply clipped onto the collar. They are quick and easy to wear, and they look great too. They always look neat and perfectly tied. However, you don’t get as much control over how the bow looks, as you haven’t tied it yourself. If you have never tied a bow tie before, pre-tied bow ties are the best option.

Bright or Muted Colours:

The next step is to choose what type of colour you want your bow tie to be. Think about the colour scheme of your wedding. Consider what your bride, best man, groomsmen, bridesmaids and any other people who are involved in the wedding will be wearing, as well as your own suit or tuxedo. If you are wearing a white shirt and a black suit, you can choose a number of different colours, as white and black are more neutral colours, so they clash with very little. On the other hand, if you were wearing a red shirt, and a grey suit, then you would only be able to choose certain colours, as some colours would clash with the red shirt. Bow ties that are black, cream or any other muted shade would compliment a red shirt. Always think about the colours you will be wearing and choose a bow tie that will compliment your outfit, rather than clash with it.

Patterned or Plain:

Once you have an idea of what colour you want your bow tie to be, it is then time to decide whether you want your bow tie to be plain or patterned. Plain bow ties are a classic, traditional choice, which makes them perfect for formal weddings. Patterned bow ties can make you stand out a little more than plain ones, and they can also make a plain suit look a little more unique. When choosing patterns, don’t choose anything that will clash with your outfit.

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