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Men’s Bow Ties or Men’s Neckties

Men’s Bow Ties or Men’s Neckties

black and silver bowtieThere are certain times when a bow tie should be worn instead of a necktie. Each tie has its own advantages and disadvantages which should be considered. There are also certain events which require a certain tie to be worn. Pattern and colour consideration are also important in whether you should wear a necktie or bow tie.

Black tie events

If you are invited to a black tie event you may wonder what you should be wearing with your suit. Does the tie part of the name refer to a necktie or a bow tie? In these events it is traditionally a bow tie which is worn. The colour of this item will be black and should not be any other colour. It is common for these items to be worn with a tuxedo which is the standard attire for black tie events.

Warm weather black tie

A warm weather black tie event will generally take place during the day and when the weather is warm. These factors will affect the attire worn to these events as is the fact that these functions are generally open-air events. As these functions are still black tie events a bow tie should be worn in black. The tuxedo jacket usually worn will be white instead of black.

Black tie optional

The other name for black tie option is semi-formal. These events do not require a tuxedo to be worn but if you want to it is possible. If you are going to wear a tuxedo the colour of the bow tie should be solid but not black. Events which take place during the day require a lighter coloured bow tie. If you decide to not wear a tuxedo a dark 2 piece suit will do well. Along with the dark suit you should wear a white shirt, black shoes and a necktie. The necktie should be a solid colour but keep in mind that the darker a necktie is the more formal it will appear.

Business attire

Whether you should wear a bow tie or necktie to work depends on the industry you work in. Traditionally business attire is a 2 piece suit with a dress shirt and a necktie. The colour and pattern of the necktie will depend on personal preference and the type of work you do. Bow ties are often worn by people who require neck wear but work in an environment where a necktie is a danger. The danger of a necktie is that it can easily be caught in machinery.

Business casual attire

Business casual is a form of attire worn by people who do not have to be too formal. If this is the set out attire then you should not wear a suit at all. A simple dress shirt and dress pants will suffice. As there is a lack of suits or tuxedos there will be no need for a bow tie or a necktie. If you do decide to wear either of these it will make the outfit more formal than needed.

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