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The Right Bow Tie for You

The Right Bow Tie for You

purple bow tieContrary to popular belief, the bow tie is no longer an accessory reserved for formal events alone. The 21st century has seen it become a trendy addition to male fashion, casual and reserved. While many continue to view this little slip of fabric as a conservative item, the myriad of bow tie styles available make them less dull than originally perceived. It is these colours, sizes, and fabrics used that help the wearer decide which bow tie is right for him (or her).


Colour is always an important factor when deciding on the perfect outfit. A black outfit can make an individual look slimmer, just as a red hat will draw attention to the face. Similarly, depending upon the colour the bow tie may fade into or stand out against the outfit.

Bow ties come in a great variety of colours including black, lilac, green, rose, and even a myriad of tartans. The most popular shades are white and black, most likely due to their neutral tones. However, the correct colour will always depend on the style of outfit and the event being attended.


There are various types of bow tie styles, all to fit your bow tie needs. However the two main styles remain the “pre-tied” and “self-tied”.

The pre-tied type is most recommended for the first time bow tie wearer. Bow ties are more difficult to fasten than the average neck tie, and the amateur often finds it rather complicated to do up. So it is often easier to use a form of pre-tied bow until one has more knowledge about using the item.

The self-tied type is reserved for those whom have greater experience in wearing bow ties. This individual is often more informed on how to choose the correct tie, how to fasten the tie, and how to best present themselves.


The correct size to purchase is mostly dependent on an individual’s physique. Ideally the bow tie should be proportionate to the wearer’s face and body. A taller individual should avoid small ties. Similarly, smaller or average sized individuals should avoid large ties.

If the body is disproportionate to the accessory, the item may seem extremely small or too large for the wearer. For best results it is recommended the product fit your neck comfortably.


The only thing more important than style, colour, or size is material. The fabric a bow tie is made of determines its quality and stylishness. Nowadays there are various materials available from which to choose: cotton, polyester, silk, velvet, satin, and even lace. The latter are usually rather expensive, and if you are on a budget you should opt for the former. However, polyester will never be as suave as satin.

Bow ties are no longer a thing of the past. They are no longer accessories made for graying university professors, know-it-all librarians, and uptight lawyers. Looking at the vast selection it’s evident they’re more “dishy” than dreary.

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