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Tie a Bow Tie

Tie a Bow Tie

black bow tieWhen you are getting ready for a formal event knowing how to tie a bow tie is important. As most formal events will require a bow tie it is best to know the steps. Fortunately there is only one way to tie these items as opposed to the 85 different ways to tie a necktie.

Before you start tying your bow tie you will need to turn the collar of your shirt up. This allows for better access to the tie as you are completing the knot. Next you will need to drape the loose tie around the neck. Ensure that it is in line with the collar and that when the collar is turned down it will not shift. The left side of the tie should be around 1.5 inches higher than the right. This needs to be done to allow for the rest of the steps.

After getting the lengths correct you will need to cross the longer right end over the left end. The cross over should be near the neck. Ensure that the loop around the neck is loose enough to comfortably work with but not too loose. If it is too loose the bow tie will hang in front of the neck once tied. This will not only look terrible but people will think that not enough effort when into making yourself presentable.

The next step is to pass the longer end of the bow tie through the loop behind the smaller end. This will form a loose overhand knot which can be tightened if needed. Tightening of this knot should only be done if the loop around the neck is too loose.

Once the knot is tightened pull the shorter end to the left and fold it back on itself. It is important that this fold be done correctly as it is the front loop of the completed tie. Once the fold is perfect hold it to the front of the shirt between the collar points. When the bow is in place, drop the end which was behind the loop over the front of it.

You should now pinch the ends of the horizontal bow and hold it slightly forward. Take the end which is dangling and fold it back on itself. Feed the middle part of the fold back through the knot which was made earlier. A loose bow should now have been formed. To tighten the bow you must grip both sides and halves then pull them. Pull the front left and the back right to tighten and the opposite to loosen. Continue doing this until the bow tie is in the correct shape. When the correct shape is achieved turn the shirt collar down.

There are many people who do not have the time to tie a bow tie themselves. For these people it is recommended that a pre-tied bow tie is purchased. These pre-tied bow ties are attached to the shirt through clips which attach them to the corners of the shirt.

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