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When to Wear a Bow Tie

When to Wear a Bow Tie

Bow ties are often thought of as elegant, formal accessories that should only be worn on certain occasions. Most people don’t wear a bow tie, as they don’t think that they have enough occasions to wear them on. Traditionally, bow ties are associated with weddings, waiters and black tie events. Nowadays, however, the bow tie is emerging as a fashionable and wearable item, which is a must have in all men’s wardrobes. The bow tie can be worn on a number if different occasions.


Whether it is your wedding, or you are attending someone else’s wedding, weddings are the perfect time to wear a bow tie. For your own wedding, a classic black bow tie is an ideal option. You can also choose bow ties that are grey, navy blue and other subtle and elegant shades. When you are the groom, it is best to avoid bow ties that are patterned or brightly coloured, especially if your wedding has a fairly formal tone. If you are attending someone else’s wedding, then it is also a great time to wear a bow tie. When attending someone else’s wedding, you choose to wear a traditional black bow tie, or you can choose something more daring. Bow ties that feature patterns, such as stripes, check, polka dots and pinstripes are great to wear at weddings, to give you more of a unique and stylish look.

The Office:

If you work in an office, or corporate environment, it is the ideal place to wear a bow tie. At the office, don’t choose a traditional black bow tie, as these can look too formal. Instead, opt for bow ties that feature subtle patterns, such as pinstripes. Also, avoid colours that are too bright. Instead, choose muted shades, such as grey and blue.

Evenings Out:

Wearing a bow tie on an evening out can really liven up your outfit. Whether you are going out for dinner with your partner or to a club with your friends, you can wear a bow tie. If you are dining out with your partner, your friends or your family, wearing a bow tie can make you look more polished. Quirky bow ties, which feature polka dots or paisley prints, look great on evenings out. You don’t have to be wearing a suit to wear quirky bow ties either. You can wear a shirt and jeans and still wear a bow tie. If you are going to a club with friends, family or your partner, it is a good opportunity to wear a bow tie. Choose bow ties that feature subtle patterns, rather than plain bow ties, as these can look too formal. If you do, however, want to choose a plain bow tie, opt for one in a more daring colour, such as red.


A bow tie is a great item to wear if you are attending a birthday party, an engagement party, a Christmas party, or any other party. For parties, don’t be afraid to wear a bold bow tie. Patterned bow ties and brightly coloured bow ties are ideal for parties.

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